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Matters pertaining to family law are among the most emotionally charged and stressful legal issues that you can go through in your lifetime. Situations dealing with family law create the potential for emotions to run high and can affect or alter an entire family in the process. Family law deals with complicated, difficult issues concerning divorce, separation, annulment, property division, child support, domestic abuse, adoption, pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements, and so much more.

If you and your family are dealing with the complex and complicated matters of family law, you need the assistance of a dedicated family law attorney who can help you determine the best solution for your situation. You do not have to go through this incredibly stressful period alone. There is never a good time for you to get involved in a complex legal fight that will add to the anxieties you already have at this difficult time in your life; this is the time to seek out the help of a legal professional and ensure that your legal rights are protected so you can achieve peace of mind.

The attorneys at Germolus Knoll & Leibel, LLP have more than 60 years of combined legal experience successfully representing the residents of North Dakota with legal matters pertaining to family law and we can help you too. We are seasoned negotiators and courtroom litigators who understand all of the laws in North Dakota pertaining to family law, and we can use that knowledge to help you with even the most difficult case. A good family law attorney knows that compassion and commitment matter as much as experience. At Germolus Knoll & Leibel, LLP, we go the distance for our clients to ensure the best outcome in their family situation.

We know that many family law clients have a lot of worries and concerns about the future of their family and are unsure about how to proceed with their case. From our very first consultation, we will make sure that you are fully informed, prepared, and comfortable with what to expect through the entire legal process. We will answer any questions you have related to your case and will address all of your concerns. You will be a part of each decision that is made in your case because every decision ultimately has to do with your life and future.

Contact Germolus Knoll & Leibel, LLP today to schedule an initial consultation with one of our experienced and compassionate family law attorneys. During your consultation, we will go in-depth to explain how child support and alimony are calculated, how possessions are split up during divorce proceedings and answer any other questions that you may have. Let us put your mind at ease. Call us today to set up a consultation with one of our skilled lawyers.

Areas of Family Law That We Handle

Family law covers a broad range of legal matters, which means that no two cases are ever exactly the same. No matter what kind of family law issue you may have, it is always best to discuss all of your options with a lawyer. At Germolus Knoll & Leibel, LLP, we can help you with the following types of family law matters and more:

Divorces/Property Division: Divorces in North Dakota usually include several aspects of family law. The two most obvious and main issues are spousal support and the division of property. The spousal support and division of property will vary from case to case with regard to the dollar amounts, percentages and time that will be granted in each case. The North Dakota Courts use the Russ-Fischer Guidelines to help determine these matters. Divorce is applicable based on irreconcilable differences between spouses.

Separation & Annulments: North Dakota recognizes seven different grounds for an annulment. In order to be granted an annulment, you must be able to prove that one or more of the following occurred:

  • One of the spouses was not of sound mind
  • The marriage was incestuous
  • One or both spouses were not 18-years-old at the time of the marriage
  • Consent for the marriage was obtained through the use of force
  • The marriage was fraudulent
  • One of the spouses was not or is not able to have sexual intercourse
  • Polygamy or bigamy occurred

Child Custody & Visitation: Child custody refers to the determination or custodial reward of a minor child or children. It involves the determination about who has the right to make decisions about the minor child and who has legal custody. This involves the following aspects:

  • Where the child will live
  • What kind of education the child will receive
  • The religion that the child will be affiliated with
  • How the child will be disciplined in a healthy manner
  • What kind of medical care the child will have
  • How often both parents will visit with the child, if at all

Visitation or parenting time is the time that the minor child spends with the non-custodial parent. We can assist you with your parenting time in North Dakota. Call us to schedule a consultation.

Child Support & Alimony: In North Dakota, both parents have a duty to support their children as much as they are able to or to the best of their ability. The court may order one or both parents to make payments in amounts which the court will determine. Alimony is a payment that is made on a regular basis by one spouse to another as a means of providing financial support throughout and sometimes after a divorce.

Domestic Abuse & Protective Orders: In North Dakota, domestic violence is defined as a situation in which a family member, spouse, or domestic partner physically harms you. Protection orders may be filed by spouses, same-sex partners, minors, or by a parent on their minor child’s behalf for the courts in North Dakota.

Mediation & Family Court: Mediation is a negotiation between both parents that is arbitrated by a neutral third-party who facilitates a discussion with the objective of settling and resolving a dispute or issue. The attorneys at Germolus Knoll & Leibel, LLP can help you with all of your family court issues.

Adoptions: Everyone loves adoptions, including lawyers and judges. Courtrooms are usually very unpleasant places to be, so when an adoption occurs, judges and attorneys alike welcome the change of pace and embrace the positive moments. Our attorneys would love to help you through this amazing and life-changing legal process.

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements: This is a contract that both potential newlyweds enter into before the marriage takes place. The purpose of a “prenup” is to identify how the spouses will use their earnings and assets throughout the marriage. It also identifies how the parties’ assets and their debts will be distributed if one of the spouses wants a divorce or passes away. Germolus Knoll & Leibel, LLP have prenuptial and postnuptial attorneys who will answer all of your questions and can create an agreement that is designed specifically for your circumstances and life.

Guardianship: Guardianship is an action taken by the court in which someone makes decisions for you when you are not capable of making decisions on your own. This can be because of a debilitating illness or when you are otherwise incapacitated to the point that your health and safety are endangered.

Legal Name Changes: The state of North Dakota allows people to change their name for any reason, with the exceptions of law enforcement and creditors. If you need help with a name change, contact Germolus Knoll & Leibel, LLP today to speak with a skilled family law attorney.

If you have family law matter that needs to be addressed, contact the attorneys at Germolus Knoll & Leibel, LLP to discuss your situation and get sound legal advice from a reputable, knowledgeable and skilled attorney. No matter what area of family law you are seeking help with, our family law attorneys can help you.

Experienced North Dakota Family Law Attorney

Dealing with family law issues on your own can be overwhelming, complicated and messy—it may very well be one of the most difficult things you have ever had to deal with. But here’s the good news: you do not have to go through this alone, and you do not have to feel powerless. Take control over your future and ensure your peace of mind by allowing a legal professional to guide you through this difficult process.

At Germolus Knoll & Leibel, LLP, we care about our clients. We are a trusted law firm located in Bismarck and have more than 60 years of combined legal experience. We are ready to defend you and your rights so you can focus on your new future. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with one of our experienced family law attorneys.