Oil & Gas Law

Facing Legal Trouble in Bismarck, North Dakota?

Facing Legal Trouble in Bismarck, North Dakota?

Bring your oil and gas law issue to Germolus Knoll & Leibel LLP

Regulating the ownership of gas and oil before and after it’s extracted, oil and gas laws are complex and can become frustrating to understand. If you need help fighting against an oil company or with contract negotiations, rely on the legal professionals at Germolus Knoll & Leibel LLP.

Using years of experience, our attorneys can help you with:

• Representation against oil companies
• Negotiating right of way easements
• Negotiating contracts

When you want lawyers who work hard to get you the best outcome in your legal issue involving oil and gas law, choose the attorneys at Germolus Knoll & Leibel LLP.

In addition to helping you with oil and gas legalities, our lawyers can also help you with commercial and business transactions, real estate matters and family law issues.

Set up an initial consultation with Germolus Knoll & Leibel LLP in Bismarck today to learn how our exceptional lawyers can help you.