Agricultural Law

Agricultural law, also known as Ag law, refers to legal matters with agricultural infrastructure, fertilizer, seed and pesticide to name just a few. This area of law is vast and complicated. Agricultural law can also deal with any legal aspects of agricultural business practices such as advertising, insurance, marketing, intellectual property rights and technology. This area of law encompasses all things regarding agricultural business and practices along with farming rights and commerce.

Germolus Knoll & Leibel LLP has the experience and knowledge to help you navigate the complex maze of agricultural laws. Our 37 years of combined experience can be on your side when dealing with litigation that it time consuming and overwhelming. Let's face it, you are trying to run a business and manage all the aspects of your day-to-day responsibilities. Let us handle the legal issues you are facing so you can focus on what's important. Your business.

Here are a few aspects of Ag law we can help with:

  • Contracts
  • Liens
  • Real estate
  • Federal EPA regulations and rules
  • Commercial transactions
  • Insurance law
  • Cooperatives
  • Trade regulations

If you need help with an ongoing issue or guidance on a particular legal issue with any area of Ag law, please contact us today. We can help.